And if you test the steam substation?

Sous-Station Vapeur Spirec

Spirec has grouped, in a single steam substation, solutions using steam as an energy source. These integrations allow to ensure a greater safety, to have a centralized piloting by a single automaton and to optimize the energy recovery.

Spirec is committed to developing solutions to reduce energy consumption, preserve water quality and ensure the sustainability of equipment.

The solutions that make up the Spirec steam substation:

• SPIVAP : transforms the steam into hot water for heating.
• DYNAVAP : receives the condensate from the SPIVAP and controls the level and temperature to exploit the available energy.
• ECOVAP : preheats the domestic cold water and the loop with the condensate contained in the tank.
• SPI MAXI : DHW preparation unit supplied on the one hand by the SPIVAP and a primary storage tank and on the other hand by the EFS preheated in the ECOVAP..

AP-HP Lariboisière, Pitié Salpêtrière and Paul Doumert in Liancourt have chosen the Spirec substation to secure their facilities.


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